11 Home Office Design Ideas That Will Inspire You to Work More

COVID-19 has brought about innumerable changes in our lives – from our eating habits to our working patterns! Now that health and wellness are becoming a priority with the corporate world steadily shifting to a more ‘work from home’ environment, the culture of ‘home offices’ seems to be emerging. Keeping in mind the continuous buzz in the homes with children playing around or regular yoga and cooking sessions happening, it might get hard to motivate yourself to get into your office corner to get the day started. However, if you own an immaculate and an absolute fun office, there would be nothing stopping you from heading over to work.

To create a welcoming and inspiring space, think everything clean! Plenty of light, uncluttered surfaces, vibrant colors, comfortable furniture, and an overall well-planned and well-decorated office are what will give a kick start to your day. Whether you have a dedicated room or a corner space, we have listed 11 perfect ideas for you to pull up your sleeves and get inspired to work. Want to know more? Let’s sneak a peek.

Clean, Crisp and Bright

The brighter your office is, the more cheerful you get. Whites make your room look spacious and bigger while fostering happiness and productivity. Imagine the natural lighting bouncing off through the stark white walls of your office – Isn’t that energetic enough?

Introduce Biophilia

Humans have an affinity for nature. Let the outdoors in by placing some potted plants on your desk or using hanging planters if the space permits. They will not only just purify your indoor air but also create a fresh and wholesome vibe in the space. Plants are human’s best friends and now we know why!

‘Rustic’ is the New Cool

If you want to show off your collection of books or maybe some artistic belongings you owe, exposed shelving is probably what you are looking for. Flaunt-off your cool office space with a vintage vibe to it. However, do not forget to still keep it organized – Remember, well-maintained offices invite positivity and a good flow of feng shui.

Go all Black

Black defines boldness and elegance. Paint the wall black or use black furnishings to define the utter sophistication in your office that will never tend to go out of style. Yes, Black is timeless, and you will never have to worry about remodeling your space until it’s a necessity.

Magnificent Minimalism

Minimalism is not just a design style but a lifestyle as well. Clean, uncluttered surfaces with no excessive flamboyancy in accessories define an authentic minimalist style. Add simple furniture with the least ornamentation on it. Also, choose an airy and natural color palette that highlights the subtle neutral shades to maximize the brightness in your room. It is highly recommended to add warmer tones – to add an accent and go off-bland. Placing an indoor plant or an abstract portrait could be your cherry-on-the-top.

Play with Colors

Go out-of-the-box by adding pops of shades in your office. You could choose a cheerful color palette with poppy accents, simple neutrals, and bright bases to embrace your inner self and feel the energy to get ready to work. Colors do add magic to a space, and you would see why!

Make it Mid-Century Modern

Do you know what the formula for an elegant home office is? Lush Hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling heightened shelf, Eames office chair and sleek lighting that is absolutely worth drooling for. To make it look bolder, add a piece of a portrait on the adjacent wall to add the missing element to your space.

Vintage Charm

Don’t be discouraged if you have a tiny corner space – you could still decorate it! Enjoy the view by placing your work desk facing the window and also let ample natural lighting play with your mind and trigger productivity. You could also use the sidewalls for pinning down your notes or using stick pad notes for the important upcoming windows.

Make it Modern

Who doesn’t fantasize about a dreamy modern office in their home? It seems challenging to model one but with the basic principles of modern design, you could simply achieve one. Go for simplicity! Everything clean, crisp, bright, and neutral with minimal cluttering is the key. Add a ‘glam’ look to your space with vertical heights and specified elegant furniture that is free of motifs and ornamentations.

Chic and Thoughtful

An office doesn’t need to be all bold and minimalist. You could play with memories and make it look sentimental with valuable family photographs and portraits you love. This is just a reminder that spaces do matter! You could place some artifacts that you have absolutely admired or maybe some decorative pieces who always wanted to flaunt-off. Define your sentimental values and let the office room be the artsy one!

The Curated One

Maybe you have an empty space in your living area or the dining room? Are you always attracted by the concept of a full-heightened library behind your desk for a more formalized look during the online meetings? This design idea will make your dream come true. You could multitask in the office by transforming it into an office or a full-time library or maybe a conference room to sit together for important discussions. Not so old-school and yet so modernized! Do you adore this look as well?

The concept of work-from-home offices is a trend that is possibly not going to fade away easily. With the ever-growing technology, generations prefer to work from home where they can afford a work-play balance, along with following their passions. With this on-going trend, we are all bound to dedicate a space where we could sit down for hours to work. Shouldn’t they be meaningful and responsible for adding a spark to our lives?

Now that we have a few design options listed for you, maybe it’s easier to DIY or remodel the room with your favorite one. It’s considerably important to choose comfortable furniture and a room with ample light and colors to induce productivity in you. Are you ready to sit down and work on that project you have been longing for? Decorate your space and let your creative juices flow!

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