8 Unique Artificial Plant Decor Ideas you Never Knew About

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Plants inside your house give a very aesthetic and lively vibe. However, most of the time, they succumb without proper care. If you travel a lot and cannot keep up with all the efforts required to keep your plants alive, here is a better alternative. 

Artificial plants look just like real plants and add more beauty to your house. They can be kept as it is inside the house since they require little to no maintenance. Besides, you can also use these plants to spruce up your interiors in the most fun way. 

Mentioned below are some unique artificial plant decor ideas you never knew about! Dive in!

DIY Wall Art


Source: A Beautiful Mess

When you live in a place where you do not get enough sunlight, artificial plants come to the rescue. Here is an amazing way to turn your artificial plants into wall art! You will require three to four wooden boards of small size, a couple of artificial plants, glue, nails, and a hammer. 

Take small wooden boards and put a layer of glue on the surface. Fix artificial plants in this area and secure them with a few nails. Let it dry for 2-3 hours. Now hang them on the empty wall anywhere inside your house. You can also put this DIY wall art at the entrance of your house. 

A Lively Green Bathroom


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A bathroom should be anything but boring. Here’s how you can make it look like your own little haven! 

Adding a couple of artificial vines or pots to your shower will give it more color and texture. While choosing them, prefer eucalyptus vines since they are more realistic. It will make your bathroom look natural, and you will feel like you are bathing under a pleasant waterfall. 

Apart from that, unlike natural plants, you won’t have to maintain these vines every now and then. Just wash them with regular soap, and they will look brand new! 

If your shower tiles have discolored over time or are damaged, these vines will help cover them in a budget. 

Uber-cool and Green Kitchen Decor 


A kitchen is the heart of any house! It is where you spend most of your time making lovely memories with your family. Here is how you can decorate it using artificial plants!

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If your kitchen has neutral decor, adding greenery to it will make it look very elegant. Therefore, add a couple of artificial plants to your kitchen cabinets and shelves. Since they require little maintenance, you won’t have to worry about watering them. Make sure the pots are of the same color as your crockery. It will create a perfect balance. 

Source: Crateandbarrel

For large counters and window sills, you can place artificial succulents or grass in a DIY wooden tray or a marble bowl. Add pebbles and sand to make it look more natural. It will add beautiful decor to your kitchen while keeping it simple. 

Use Small Succulents for Spaciousness


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While indoor plants do not survive for a longer period, artificial plants can stay forever new. The free-floating shelves in your house require detailing and decoration for which small artificial succulents will be the ideal choice. You can add small showpieces along with picture frames to add more color and variety.

You can also make your study table look more aesthetic by adding these artificial plants and take pretty pictures while you are at it!

DIY Wall Hanging


Source: The Latina Next Door

Here is another DIY idea using artificial flowers. Take an empty mason jar. Fix a strong cord around the neck of the jar, which will be used to hang it to the wall. Now take a few artificial flowers and add them to the mason jar. To make it more beautiful, add some fairy lights to the jar. It can be used during parties and gatherings to make your space look very lively and warm. 

Extra-large Plant in the Living Area 


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When it comes to artificial plants, I would suggest making use of smaller plants since they look more realistic. However, if you want to add a large artificial plant, choose only one. It should preferably be placed in your living area to give it more life and color. 

An Artificial Terrarium for a Miniature Ecosystem


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Adding life to your room isn’t only about getting live plants. This DIY idea requires one medium-sized mason jar, preferably in a unique shape. Add sand to the bottom along with a couple of pebbles and stones. Cut pieces from a small artificial plant and fix them in the sand. For more texture and aesthetics, add a few shells as well. Voila! You have a miniature forest right inside your bedroom!

Source: Arctida’s Creations

If you aren’t a fan of aquariums or can’t take the responsibility of keeping a pet fish alive, here is another wonderful idea for you. Grab a mason jar or an old wine glass. Put white sand or pebbles in it and cut a few pieces from an artificial plant. Add it to the jar or glass. Now add some water to it, and your artificial aquarium is now ready. Instead of water, you can also add epoxy to it. It will give a beautiful hue to your teeny-tiny artificial aquarium. 

DIY Leafy Overhang


Source: Society19

The empty walls inside your bedroom or living room can be decorated using this brilliant DIY. Take an artificial plant that has plenty of leaves in it. Cut the leaves and keep them aside.

Now, using a needle and some thread, sew the leaves together to form a vine. Repeat the step until you have at least 15-20 strings of leaves. Take a thin wooden plank and fix nails on the surface. Wrap a single string around a nail and keep repeating this step until each nail is covered. Fix this DIY leafy overhang to an empty bedroom wall or living room wall and charm everyone. Additional tip: Hang some fairy lights along with the vines, and have a magical spot each evening. 

Wrapping Up!


Artificial plants require fewer efforts for maintenance. You only need to wipe them with a clean wet cloth, and you will get a brand new plant in seconds. To enhance the overall look of your house, you can easily put artificial plants in the plant of real plants. These unique ideas will help you make your house tune more with nature without having to put in so much effort. 

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