A worthwhile kitchen, the heart of any home

The house of your dreams can vary in sizes and colors, in some moments it can be wider, more minimalist, more welcoming or more imposing, always varying in what you want and what surrounds you at the moment, and the best thing of all is that it does not go accompanied by a limiting thought of budgets and barriers, since in the dreams everything is possible. If when you think about the house of your dreams you cross real anchors it is that you are doing something wrong, because the best thing about having a dream is that it is not tied to the unbreakable edges of reality.

Your home should be your favorite place, since it is the place where you spend the most time during your whole life, and it may change its appearance but it will always be your home, and it should look the way you want it to look. This is a time to be a little freer, to dream big, and to let out all your expectations of a perfect home. To show that there are no budget or possibility limits here, I will share with you a little bit of what my ideal home is, focusing specifically on my favorite place in any home: the kitchen.


The kitchen is the heart of any home


This is true since that is where the most delicious foods come from, where flavors and aromas are confused, and where it is possible to have a pleasant time. Of course, I say this because I’m a fan of cooking, even though I didn’t even become an amateur chef. One of the things I enjoy most about cooking is the freedom it offers me, and all the possibilities it has, and from time to time I like to fantasize that I’m in a kitchen worthy of a restaurant, or maybe a TV show. It doesn’t take much to achieve this, but it has certain essential details.


You should have ample tables to share with the visitor during the preparation of the meals and to be able to open their appetite a little during the show. The islands within the kitchen are the best combination of elegance and proximity since it allows you to offer a splendid view without having to separate yourself too much from your guests. Pale colors are the best option to make colorful meals shine, and four chairs can be more than enough to entertain your most precious guests with everything. It’s also an excellent opportunity to bring a special chef, if you have everything available, of course.


It is also possible to turn it into a small work of art, all thanks to the selection of the best stones for the table. The truth is that it has to be a combination of comfort and elegance since your kitchen deserves to become a place where it will provoke you to spend time. Best of all, the kitchen, being a social area, lends itself to the best moments of the evening. There are no better guests than those with a full stomach. On the other hand, it is good to be able to enter your kitchen and feel that you are witnessing a work of art, that here there has been a waste of talent and not only an excess of usefulness.


However, beyond having a stylish space, it is necessary to make it your assistant at all times, as space without a practical purpose within a kitchen can be a problem. For example, imagine that you have the best kitchen bar, the most suitable island to be able to see all your guests in the face, but every time you turn to look for something you miss fragments of the conversation. This is easy to avoid by using your side of the bar as a hiding place for all your tools. There is a lot of space on this site for you, for your tools and gadgets, and it can be accompanying your space without becoming a hindrance, let alone detracting from your space.

There is no need to limit you since it is possible to use the space as a decoration tool for both sides. A kitchen bar can be your best ally in distribution and effective use of space, as long as you know how and where to place a good bar. There are no bad ideas, only people afraid to execute them, or with a small budget, but it is time to remind you that here money does not matter, only the freedom of creation matters from every point of view.


You need space for more than just tools



To offer a delicious meal it is necessary to have the best ingredients and to achieve this it is necessary to be able to refrigerate them at their optimum temperature. Some ingredients, especially the most exotic ones, require fine care to be preserved as much as possible, being this the main reason for you to have different types of refrigerators, with different temperatures, lights, and sizes. Each one of these will be in charge of protecting a sector of the food, helping you to improve each dish.


There are all types and sizes, perfect to become the secondary attraction, in the beautiful view where you can appreciate the freshest ingredients. Also, it is possible to have all the temperatures in one region, so that comfort does not have to be displaced. It’s all a matter of evaluating what kind of food you want to preserve, choosing the best options, and embedding them in your kitchen, in the most suitable place for you.


You should also have plenty of space to store your secret ingredients. No restaurant is satisfied with just a couple of things, and to be able to offer dinners worthy of a chef you must have all the ingredients at your disposal, but the most important essences will be very close to you, hidden from others, so that each stroke of flavor will be a surprise.


However, one does not live on herbs, and it is necessary to store some content, carbohydrates, flours, and sugars, everything necessary to cook a real dish worthy of a restaurant. More than dreaming big you must live big; have at your disposal everything you have needed so that at the right time you can recreate the best recipes.

No dish is complete without a good chunk of animal protein, and it must be kept at an optimal temperature to preserve an excellent texture. This is the right way to preserve the meat, to preserve it, and to be able to access it at any time. It is necessary to know about meat to be able to cook because without a well-preserved piece it is not possible to create wonders in the kitchen.

The kitchen is a world of aromas and requires good companions to help you exalt the flavors, and this is the ideal work of good wines. The well-conserved wine of a good harvest is the finishing touch to any dish, as well as the opening of all kinds of evenings, or even becoming the main attraction of the night. But it must be a wine of the highest quality, the best harvest, is the best year, with selected grapes. The theme of good wines is a luxury that has its well-deserved value because it is an art that can be savored.


Presentation makes the difference



Your dishes must be well served, presented on a high-quality plate, so you must have tableware available for every occasion. Every traditional kitchen has its style of dish, which will help you to enter into the atmosphere more effectively. Oriental, Mediterranean, and traditional cuisine are each different from each other and require different treatment, a different dish. Be prepared at all times for each of the needs of your guests and your recipes, to close the circle of perfection.


Never forget the details


Art is part of us, and it comes in different forms. To make your home complete, you must pay special attention to the decoration of your kitchen, because painting it white and leaving it as a blank canvas will not allow you to be satisfied with the results. Your kitchen should not be a part of your house, it should be the main attraction, capturing the eyes of everyone and inviting them without words to be there with you.


Let your imagination run wild and let your spaces speak for you. Every drop of color can create the path to perfection, originality, and idealization of space, but you must be willing to create. If you feel that colors are part of you, you must make all this creative light illuminate every space, even the kitchen. This will allow you to make your home a unique place, impossible to forget.

If, on the other hand, you believe that sober colors are the only possible way to decorate a space, you can rest assured that there are many options in cold colors, so that this area of your house will maintain the sobriety and style that characterizes you. The sky is the limit and your decisions will forge the path of your home, bringing to life a space worthy of being remembered, perfect in every corner.

The house of your dreams exists, and you must be willing to make it a reality. Never let your dreams touch the ceiling, as they must fly and reach the maximum height so that you can see exactly what you need. You can make it, you can have a house like this or the way you are imagining it, as long as you dare to reinvent it.