Decorative Items to Place on Floating Shelves

Floating shelves have become one of the most sought after interior decorating items nowadays. And if you are an enthusiast who is extremely interested in looking at new interior designs, you surely are always on a lookout for new ideas.

The interior of any place, whether a home or an office, or even a restaurant, plays an integral part in how comfortable and interested people feel spending time there. That is why it is very essential to choose something very innovative and interesting to be a part of your interior decoration.

Floating shelves have gained this popularity and preference over any other types of shelves because of their versatile uses. They look much more appealing and can hold comparatively more items than a confined and constricted shelf.

If you are planning to rev up your space with some floating shelves, you need to keep in mind the room that you want it to be in. Each room needs a different set of items that bring about a whole new charm and aesthetic to that room.

Here are some popular items and styles that are used to decorate floating shelves, and they are categorized according to their place and room.

In the living room

Over the television


The wall over the television is the most ideal place to mount your floating shelves. And when it is in the living room, you have a lot of scopes to place various items on it.

You can either put up some cute succulent plant pots which would give a fresh look to your room or even put up some color-coded books over the shelf.

If you go for books, they are an excellent way to attract your eyes away from the television and to the books. This way, you’ll be even more interested and motivated to do some reading.


If you have strategically or geometrically placed the floating shelves on the sidewall of your living room, it will surely be a great place to put up some statement showpieces on it. You can either choose to put symmetrical showpieces or even completely different ones, and it will suit just perfectly.

If showpieces are not your taste, you can put up some small picture frames in a well-decorated manner, and they will add to the charm and warmth of the room. If you have multiple floating shelves on your wall, you can create a small art gallery wall by hanging all the artwork suspending from the floating shelves.

In the bedroom


The bedroom has a lot of scopes for pieces to decorate the floating shelves with.
You can either put up candles or aroma devices to add to the aesthetics and help keep a pleasant atmosphere in the room or even make do with books and succulents just perfectly.

If you are someone who loves creating DIY stuff, then floating shelves have a lot of scope to proudly display your creative side.

A jar with some fairy lights will add a little touch of warmth and beauty to your bedroom.

In the kitchen


If you have some floating shelves in your kitchen, you can fill them up with some cute cookie jars or any other jar, which will give your kitchen a modern look.

Apart from jars, you can also use some frames with quotes or pictures, or even some interesting cookbooks, and your kitchen will become a more interesting place.

If you already have some cabinets in your kitchen but are still thinking of adding some floating shelves there, it would be a great way to display a collection of your prettiest dishes and crockery.

If you wish, you can keep the display the same way, or even keep changing the items on the shelves according to the time and seasons of the year.

In the Bathroom


Since bathrooms are spaces of privacy and also comfort, it is only interesting that you would add some elements of comfort and calm on the floating shelves of your bathroom.

You can either put up some fresh towels or bath products which you absolutely love. Putting up little climber plants on your bathroom’s floating shelves will make the room even better and give it a completely creative look. Add some DIY artwork on these too, and you can literally spend your time in the bathroom as a form of therapy in your private space.

Office space


If you have an office that needs to be renovated, you can install some floating shelves and give it a whole new look.

For the floating shelves in your office, you can either use it to display all your trophies and certificates or exquisite paintings if you would like. Or else, some motivational quote frames are always a go-to for an office space.

Cute and small or sleek vases will also add a fresh look to your office room.

Final Thoughts

While selecting the shelves along with your decorative items, you need to create a balance between the two. If you are going to place thicker floating shelves, then those will be the center of attention on your walls, more than the decorative items. But if you choose to get thinner and sleek floating shelves, your decorative stuff on them will tend to stand out boldly.

The placing of the floating shelves also plays an important role in giving the room a complete look. While some rooms would look good with multiple shelves installed in a beautiful and geometrical design, others will stand out with just a single long floating shelf. It all depends on how what style you want to rev up your room into.

The shelves can either be short ones or even stretching from wall to wall. No matter what size and shape and number, your floating shelves will only be more beautified with the decorative items you place on them.

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