Different Types of Potted Artificial Plants for Desks or Shelves

Plants give you a calmer and relaxed outlook on life. If you love to stay around plants, then indoor plants are a superb addition to your house. But if you travel a lot and aren’t always available to take care of your leafy babies, here is an idea!

You can easily decorate your house with the help of stunning artificial plants. These not only look great but are also low maintenance and can help you achieve your dream house in just a few minutes. For all the vacant desks and shelves, these potted plants add a green vibe while making everything look more pretty. Here are some of the cutest potted artificial plants to decorate your desks, tables, and shelves.

#1. Artificial Dragon Plant

A dragon plant is a timeless indoor plant that enhances the aesthetic value of any space. With unique slender leaves, it also features a strong truck. An original dragon plant requires a lot of attention and care. However, an artificial plant will make your space look greener without you having to put any extra effort making it a great addition to your working desk.

Since it is an artificial plant, you can easily keep it in any dark corner of your room without worrying about it fading away.

#2. Faux Money Plant Leaves

A money plant is known to bring positivity inside the house. It is considered an epitome of luck and wealth. However, if you cannot take care of real plants, you can easily replace it with an artificial plant. It looks very dainty and beautifies a tabletop with ease.

You can cut two large leaves from an artificial money plant and keep them inside a vase. Since these plants rely heavily on water, you can make your fake plant a bit realistic by adding some water. Besides, you can also use epoxy, which will fix the leaves to the vase permanently, and you won’t have to replace the water every now and then.

#3. Artificial Bamboo Plant

In Chinese culture, a bamboo plant has great significance. It is considered a symbol of great fortune. However, you can add good fortune to your table with an artificial bamboo plant. It doesn’t require any extra care and will look lush green throughout the year. Top the pot with some small stones and some sand, which will give it a more natural look.

Not only will it look real, but it can also be cleaned with a soft cotton cloth, making it look all fresh and new.

#4. Mini Bonsai Artificial Potted Tree

How about a small bonsai plant exclusively for your dining table? Well, bonsai plants are very artistic and promote a sense of harmony inside any living space. It also symbolizes harmony and balance, which makes it a wonderful indoor plant. You can place an artificial bonsai potted plant wherever you want inside your home and enhance the aura. With zero maintenance, you can keep this beautiful plant with you for a very long time. Moreover, you can also give it to your friends and family.

#5. Faux Ferns

Ferns are one of the most loved indoor plants. While they are easy to grow, they need a lot of love and care to sustain for a longer time. To help save time and effort, you can add a beautiful faux fern to your living space. From coffee tables to desks, you can easily keep these artificial plants to add more life to your indoors. With lush green branches, you can add a tropical look to your home.

#6. Hanging Artificial Plants

Artificial indoor plants that drape elegantly on your bookshelf is a must-have if you love indoor plants but can’t take care of them. In a small pot, add a fake Ceropegia Woodii, pothos, or an artificial eucalyptus. These look very chic and add a significant amount of greenery to the house.

Put the artificial potted plant on the shelf along with a couple of scented candles and books and make your place a comfy little haven for you and your family.

#7. Boho Vibe with Artificial Money Plant

Spruce up the walls of your living room with this amazing decor idea and bring a chic boho vibe to your indoor space. You can add a small artificial money plant along with a tall snake plant. Other than that, you can also put an artificial climber around a sturdy stick inside a pot to give it a more natural and lively look.

Besides these plants, you can also add different art pieces and showpieces, which will further complete the whole look of your space.

#8. A Mix of Artificial Potted Plants

Here is another combination of faux potted plants for your desk or shelf. This idea features three different plants that are kept inside a brass pot. The plants can include a fake snake plant, a spider plant, and English ivy. The combination looks super cute and brings life to indoor space.

Plus point: You won’t have to care about the maintenance!

#9. Artificial Climbing Philodendrons

A philodendron is a superb indoor plant that can grow up like a climber. If you have space in your room, an artificial philodendron is a great addition. You can paste the plant to the wall, which will give it an original look like that of a real plant. Besides, the large green leaves will enhance the overall aesthetics of the room. Other than that, you can also add an artificial fiddle-leaf fig, which makes the aura more sophisticated.


While plants make your indoors more calm and clean, taking care of them can be quite difficult. One wrong move and your plant will soon look dry and dehydrated. What’s next? You might also have to throw the plants away. On the other hand, artificial potted plants are easier to maintain and look just like a real plant. Add them to your indoors and make every corner and wall look super elegant.

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