Discover My Imaginary Dream House

Long story short: I am a dreamer, whenever I get the chance I start dreaming. Dreaming about life, love, adventures, and the future. One of my main dream themes is my imaginary house.

Everybody has its own idea of a perfect house.

But let’s begin with one pretty important question. What is a house? What do you feel when thinking of it?

When thinking of my dream house, I personally, think of coziness, calmness, and a place where I want to return at the end of the day. I always imagine it somewhere quiet, surrounded by greenery, cause where else would you feel more relaxed than in nature?!

The expression “dream home” may sound fancy, but that’s not what I have in mind. I mean it’s the house of MY dreams, it should be right as I imagine it, and not something that everyone usually understands. My dream house isn’t a flat or a luxury residence covered in gold. It is an ample yet simple house, both comfortable and practical.

And here are some examples of my dream home with modern and minimalist interior, situated in a quiet, green place.

For starters the living room.

I want to mention that the living room, generally, depends on its main purpose. Do you want a formal room, or maybe a precious place where you and your family can hang and entertain? For me, it’s absolutely the second. Moreover, it should also be a place where I can enjoy some private time with myself.

Panoramic windows are the most-have attribute for my dream home because they open amazing sights meanwhile letting so much light inside, which, in turn, fills the room with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It’s especially important for the living room as one of the spaces we spend most of our time in.

The decor of my living room has to be mild, I don’t want it to be overloaded with unnecessary stuff.

Just imagine sitting in one of those living rooms appreciating every moment of your existence… That what life is all about.

Here come some examples of my dream bedrooms.

No unnecessary elements. Just you embracing a new day. Waking up to this, is a great pleasure that not everyone can have. I bet the owners of this bedroom don’t waste their time on useless arguments. They are able to look at this natural picture, which balances from the inside out. Exactly what I’m looking forward to, in my life. I just can’t wait to fall asleep and wake up in this environment.

Next stop- Kitchen.

Since cooking is one of my hobbies I always imagine my dream house with a large kitchen, that has every tool for comfortable cooking.

In fact, I consider the kitchen the heart of the home.

Just like in the living room, we spend a very huge part of our day there. So why not make it as comfortable as the rest of your home? 

Right now, I have a little kitchen and cooking sometimes can be pretty hard. Having a good kitchen is one of my biggest desires at this moment.

The combination of modern kitchen and evergreens provides a good mood, and we all know how important mood is for cooking.

The combination of modern kitchen and evergreens provides a good mood, and we all know how important mood is for cooking.

Apart from that, I think everyone loves to go to the picnic and eat in nature time after time. This way the home-picnic is guaranteed.


Occasionally I prepare a hot, bubbly bath for me and let myself forget all the troubles that might have occurred throughout the day. Nevertheless, it doesn’t feel right when it’s a simple bathroom inside the 4 walls. And that’s when my Dreamtime begins.

I start imagining myself in my ideal bathroom, where I can observe little movements of each and every leaf and the changes in the sky.  That’s the bathroom where every deep inhale can truly satisfy you with everything as it is. Somehow, a room where you take shower or get ready for work becomes much more than a room you just use. It becomes a place of inspiration and creativity. And it doesn’t even matter when you use your bathroom- in the morning or the evening. It always gives you the vibe of a moment.

Although we’re living in a technological age, one more essential room for me is a library. Nothing can be compared with a feeling of a book in your hands.

The library is a space where you read, eat, drink, write, nap, and relax in total comfort. A library must inspire and consume every part of you. It should be an escape for the body and mind. I want my library to be a shiny open space with lots of interesting books. I see it as one more place where I can dream.

Another room that might not be very important for lots of people, but has huge importance for me is a Yoga Room. The beauty of yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere, but for me, it’s without a doubt better to practice Yoga in the comfort of my home, particularly in a special Yoga Room free of every disturbing detail. Yes, I admit, that you can practice yoga in every possible place, but still, it’s always nice to have some special place for your favorite practice.

And of course verandas! I consider veranda as a part and parcel of a home that is surrounded by nature. That’s where you can relax and observe your environment and yourself.

A veranda can also be great for evening gatherings with family, especially one with a chimney and cozy, soft seats. You can add there every decoration you need for a better ambiance.

Last but not least comes the swimming pool.

I know I said that my dream home has nothing to do with some fancy stuff, but the pool is a whole other story. That’s the part of my living I want to see sumptuous so that I can treat myself after, let’s say, a stressful working day, with a glass of cocktail in my hand and breathtaking scenery in front of me.

God, I hope someday my dream home will become real and that may be the begging of a new story!

I assume it is obvious that I’m a lover of nature, but that doesn’t mean at all that I wanna go wild. I just want to live in a peaceful, non-crowded place and feel closer to nature as much as it is possible with a touch of minimalism in my home and a feeling of grace in my heart. Because extravagant house decorations will never make you feel good unless you feel so inside.

I hope my article has inspired some of you to write your own stories about your dream homes, its decorations, preferable interior and exterior and share a part of your inner self and perception with the world.

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