Home Décor Trends We Love in 2020

Believe it or not, we’re midway through 2020! And as many of us spent most of its months at home, let’s take a look at the home décor trends we love for this year. You’ll never know. These could inspire you to work on that much-needed home makeover.

Vintage Accents



Vintage seems to be the rage nowadays – from journaling, to aesthetics, and even in home interior designing. It goes well with rusticity, which aims to give homes that homey and lived-in ambiance.

However, your home doesn’t have to be rustic for you to incorporate vintage accents into its décor. The key is subtlety, using pieces for their aesthetics and functional purposes like this vintage wall shelf in your foyer or entrance passageway.

Patina Accent


Patina is another feature found in many rustic-designed homes. It’s defined as anything – mostly décor and furniture – possessing the “weathered” feel and look. The weathered wood look goes well with solid hues. However, don’t be afraid to get creative. Pairing patina with bright and mixed hues like florals give off boho and shabby chic vibes.

Don’t limit patina to weathered wood, though. Patina accents show well as well in earthy colors such as terracotta and clay and the use of ceramic and earthenware.

Antique Decor


Antique décor at home can go from classic and traditional to steampunk, whichever you prefer. These décor and furniture go well even if your home’s main theme is modern or contemporary.

Like vintage and patina, you can choose antique decors not just for their aesthetics but for their function as well. For example, this antique book tissue dispenser will not only look lovely on your coffee table, console table, or powder room counter but will also make tissue accessible.

High-Contrast Décor


2020 saw the rise of high-contrast décor, to the delight of many dark hue lovers. We see furniture pieces of contrasting colors becoming popular as opposed to the all-white or all-neutral ones that were quite popular in the past.

But you don’t have to throw your whole living room setup away to give way to this trend. That would be impractical. Amp your furniture up by using a contrasting color for your throw pillows, chair fabric, or upholstery. Surprisingly, an emerging ideal color combo is gray and yellow. Why not give it a try?

Rattan and Wicker Furniture



To make things clear, wicker refers to the weave method employed in making rattan furniture while rattan refers to the fibrous plant, the raw material used in making these furniture pieces.

Another thing, rattan furniture goes beyond chairs. There are such things as rattan beds, daybeds, mirrors, movable carts, and even lamp holders. As for the former, the choices are many – from lounge seats to cocoon chairs, credenzas, and dining chairs.

With these many choices, rattan is not limited to just lending a tropical feel to any home. These pieces are as versatile as they are airy, fitting well even in modern and contemporary interiors.

Curved Sofas



Curved sofas are part of the mid-century modern style’s comeback in interior design. Unlike traditional sofas, a contemporary curved loveseat is ergonomic, giving off that comfy and cozy vibe, something that’s perfect for snuggles.

Cozy Fabrics



People are choosing comfort and sustainability over luxury and aesthetics when it comes to upholsteries, throw blankets, pillowcases, and beddings. So, you won’t get wrong with choosing a faux fur throw blanket you can snuggle in as you retreat to your reading nook.

Olive Trees



Yep, olive trees indoors are a 2020 thing. You can add it to your list of in-house decorative plants. You can plant olive trees in pots, and depending on their sizes, either add a dash of oxygen to any part of your home or a touch of green on your desk.

Indoor olive tree care and maintenance is minimal and includes putting it on a spot where it can get about six hours of sunlight every day, watering it when the top inch of its pot soil gets dry and pruning low-growing branches.

Dwarf varieties are suited for permanent indoor residency. However, they can grow up to six feet tall when not properly pruned.

Non-White Kitchen


2010 saw the rise of all-white kitchens. However, a decade later, interior designers predict a shift away from the all-white preference. Homeowners are using more natural materials for their kitchen’s build – from all wood cabinets to non-white marble countertops and colored cabinets. These preserve the vivid and airy look we’re used to seeing in kitchens yet without employing an all-white color scheme.

Color-Pop Cabinets


These are part of the color-block trend in the kitchen interior design where one color or element is used for the upper cabinets and another contrasting and bold hue is employed for the lower ones. For example, installing upper open shelves in varnished wood while painting your lower cupboards royal blue.

Kitchen Art



Open shelving and kitchen art are two things that make the kitchen part of the home and not just a place for cooking. Your dining ware choices exhibit a part of your personality and what better way to display them than open kitchen shelves?
And if you’re on a lookout for trinkets and home décor, make sure to include kitchen-related ones like these canvas art.

Canopy Beds



Hear ye! Canopy beds are making a comeback, sans the heavy draperies, and huge headboard.
This simple canopy bed installation, a string or two of LED lights, and lots of creativity can bring your little girl’s princess dreams – or even yours – to life.

Floral Wallpaper



Vintage floral wallpaper is ideal for making an accent wall pop out. Fortunately, they’re making a comeback this year. Interior designers also agree that they make foyers look inviting and powder rooms impressive. Have doubts? You can always opt for stick-on ones.

Freestanding Tubs

In a survey conducted in 2019, 38% of American homeowners chose to add or replace bathtubs in their master bathrooms, with 50% opting for freestanding tubs. Why freestanding tubs? They exude luxury and make you fall in love more with bathing. They’re also easier to install and allow for more placement creativity compared to built-in tubs.



For every home design, scheme or theme you want to try, remember: practicality should weigh more than following the trend. You should also think about how these changes will affect your house’s sale, if and when that time comes. Until then, happy decorating!