Home Office Ideas That Will Motivate You to Work Part 1

Are you thinking of setting up a home office? If you’re a telecommuter, then having your own working space at home is vital to reaching your optimum productivity as a worker. However, even if you’re working in an actual office, a business owner or someone who offers services to clients, having an office at home can be quite advantageous.

Aside from increased work productivity, a home office

–   allows you to set boundaries between your home and work life,

–   lets you have privacy from other family members while you conduct unexpected business or work-related matters,

–   saves you time and money; for example, instead of commuting to the office to finish minute details of a presentation on a weekend, you can bring that unfinished presentation at home and work it out in your home office.

Convinced you need to put up a home office but at a loss on where to start? Allow us to get your creative juices flowing by inspiring you with these 8 awesome home office ideas. Let’s get started!

Minimalist Workspace for Apartment Dwellers



If you’re living in an apartment with just enough living space, you can convert one of your walls into a workspace, ideally a wall with an outside view.

“Windows are a welcome distraction when your eyes get tired from prolonged screen time,” says one interior designer.

Your home office may consist of just a table and a chair, so use furniture pieces that are versatile like a work table with drawers. You can also install a wall shelf for more storage space and a small tack board for your to-do lists, spur-of-the-moment ideas, and other tack-able matters.

It’s important to have a color scheme for your workspace, something that’s different yet blends well with your home’s color palette. Your home office’s color pattern draws the boundaries and sets the tone of your mind – the motivation to work – once you step within its lines.

One ideal color arrangement for small home offices is white with pops of hues depending on your personal preference.

Traditional Home Office


Home Office Decor


If you’re someone who doles out services to clients, like a lawyer, it’s ideal to have a traditional home office with the capacity to welcome your clientele when the need arises.

Use colors that imbue not just convention but strength and sophistication as well — navy blue, taupe or muted gray, light gray, and neutrals. Remember though, the use of dark colors may render your office space too somber-looking. Try using a dark hue to accent one wall, go the monochromatic way, or opt for the dark-white combo.

Don’t forget to add vibrant colors in your palette to make your office look less imposing and more welcoming — yellow floral throw pillows on gray sofa chairs, pastel curtains, colorful, textured rugs, even vibrantly-hued planters with plants to provide a breath of fresh air.

Are these two ideas not the home office looks you have in mind? Tune in next week for two more home office inspo!