How to Choose the Best Candleholders

“Take your candle and light up the world.”

Lighting arrangement is an integral part to any home’s interior design or any event’s ambiance. And adding candles are one great way to perk things up. However, equally important to the candles you are going to get are the containers that you’re going to place them in — the candleholders. Don’t just buy something random because you like how it looks. The best candleholders can make any room in your home look beautiful or ante up whatever ambiance you’re trying to build, but the wrong ones can end up making bad impressions or can even be disastrous.

As candles and their holders come in varieties of sizes and shapes, putting two and two together is a feat. So, below are a few tips to help you choose the best candleholders for the candles you have in mind — may these be as home ornaments or for a special occasion you want to liven up.

Consider the area or event where you’re going to put up the candle arrangement you have in mind.


Candleholder for every occasion
This will make sure they fit right in place and are in sync with the other decor and the overall theme. Example, wooden or brass candleholders go well with rustic themes. When aiming for a romantic ambiance such as in weddings, both dainty tea candles in quaint glasses and taper candles in decorative candleholders will do the trick.

Make sure the candles and candleholders are a perfect fit.


Best Candleholder


Your candle shouldn’t wobble when placed in its holder. An unsteady and unevenly-placed candlestick will burn unequally – which is unsightly – and could topple down, a recipe for disaster. This same principle goes with votive candles and tea lights. Placing them in holders with diameters that are way bigger than themselves will make the candles look unattractive and out-of-place.

Secondly, the height of your candle should be proportional to that of its stand or vessel. Long candle stands pair well with stockier candles; short ones and long candlesticks complement each other. As for votive candles, choose holders where the light burns slightly below their rims. But there’s always an exception to every rule. A long, slim candle can look great in long, slim candleholders, too.

Lastly, don’t just consider the size when choosing the best candleholders. You need to take into account its weight versus that of the torch it’s going to contain, too. A heavy candle will need a sturdier container.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.


Gold Candle Holder


Looking to liven up a neutrally-coloured room? Then opt for candles and holders that are on the quirky side. Or you can add a touch of elegance to a homey area by adding silver and gold-toned candleholders. Go vintage with antique finds or make your comfort nook cozier with aromatic tea lights in charming containers. Just like any decorating task, let your creativity thrive when choosing candles and the best candleholders to put them in.

It’s true, candles and their corresponding holders do add beauty, depth, and character to any room in your home or to any occasion. Just put these simple tips in mind and you’re all set.