How To Curate And Style Your Floating Shelves

Are you looking for professional tips for styling floating shelves? We have the perfect guide for you. Curating your shelves isn’t that easy. If you don’t do it right, you might end up looking cluttered instead. Keep in mind that there is a secret formula that will help you decorate like a real pro.

In this post, we reveal the tricks for ruling the shelf game. Did you know that you’ll need to work with a specific number of decor accessories? Do you want to learn how to layer your accessories for a professionally curated look? We reveal all of these tips and tricks for you!

Add stacks of books


You don’t have to be a book lover to decorate your home with books. A stack of books is a staple decor item that can fit any style. All you need to do is make sure that the covers suit your current color scheme. For the best effect, stack three books horizontally and three vertically right next to them. Or, you can place a decor accessory on top of a horizontal stack. The books will lift the object and bring attention to it.

You can also try the pyramid stack, which is one of my favorites. Stack three books of different sizes horizontally, ensuring that the one on the bottom is the largest. Add a small object on top, and your decorative vignette is ready to rule the shelf.

Layer with artwork


Layering decor accessories is one of the key tactics. You don’t place them randomly over the shelves. The easiest way to do the layering is to lean some artwork on the wall. You can add other items in front later, which will create a sense of dimension. Or, you can also layer different sizes of artwork. Place a smaller frame in front of the bigger ones for visual interest.



Show off your stylish tableware


You will have a limited choice when it comes to decorating the kitchen floating shelves. Don’t worry, as there are still plenty of options left for you to curate the shelves. We love how this stylish tableware set brings a dose of style. Take advantage of the shelves and display your beautiful plates. You can also layer some wooden serving boards. That pretty charcuterie board will stand out and bring a little bit of texture to spice things up.



Add planters


One of the most popular decor accessories for shelves is a planter. We love how greenery brings freshness in the space. Many people want to create an indoor garden with lots of plants. You can take advantage of this and introduce pretty planters in all shapes and sizes. This trick is essential, as the variation in height will add dimension. Also, feel free to add textures and patterns to make your decor visually appealing. Do make sure that you get a plant suitable for keeping indoors. We would recommend cacti, succulents, aloe, snake plant, or peace lily. These are easy to maintain and hard to kill, so you won’t need to blame your busy lifestyle.


Display your collection


If you are proud to own a collection, feel free to show it off. I like to display all of my travel souvenirs on the floating shelf in my bedroom. This way, I add a personal stamp in my private space. But the best thing is that I get to admire my beautiful memories daily.

Maybe you have a vintage camera collection or an old vinyl collection. If you have a fun hobby, then feel free to show it off.



Large pottery pieces


When it comes to decorating your floating shelves, keep in mind that it is better to use fewer but larger items. If you place too many small decor items, your shelves may look cluttered. You can add a large vase or an antique pitcher. This will look clean and simple, but also well-curated and stylish. When you decide how many items you want to display, there is a little trick to help you. A group of odd-numbered objects will always look more visually pleasing. So, it is better to add three or five decorative accessories per shelf. If the shelf is too long, you can go for seven. Try this trick and see how it works!



When you have finished reading all of these tips and tricks, you’ll know how to decorate your floating shelves like a pro. I always use the odd numbers rule to make the decor more visually appealing. I like to mix textures, so I will use a selection of glass vases, woven boxes, and wooden accessories. Did you recognize any way you can improve on decorating your floating shelves? Which tricks are your personal favorite? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments!

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