How To Make Your Home Look Expensive

Do you want to make your home look expensive but not spend tons of money? Yes, this is possible. I know that cheap-looking decor does not appeal to most of us. No matter how hard you try, your home might not look stylish and tasteful. However, you shouldn’t worry at all because I’ve got you covered. You’ll also discover some secret styling tips that professionals decorators won’t reveal.


High curtain rods


Having beautiful curtains will make your home look luxurious and cozy at the same time. When you browse through home decor magazines, you will see that almost every photo has gorgeous curtains. There is one trick that will help you with this. Ensure that you position the rods high and hang a curtain that goes all the way to the floor. This will make the ceiling look taller.



Paint the cabinets


Most of you might dislike your old kitchen cabinets. Those oak cabinets may look outdated, and replacing them might be too costly. You can simply paint them in various colors according to the mood and feel you are going for. I would suggest matte white for an airy and spacious kitchen. Some would prefer pastel mint or creamy tones. Or, you can go for a dark navy or black if you prefer moody vibes.


Clutter-free countertops


Do you try your best, but your kitchen still won’t look like the ones you see in the magazines? Cluttered countertops are the reason for this. You can’t have a stylish kitchen with all the clutter around. The first step towards decluttering is getting a beautiful set of decorative bottles for your oil and vinegar. You might want to ditch the original plastic package immediately if you want to add a dose of style in your kitchen. Also, try out some corresponding salt and pepper shakers. You should anchor these accessories using a decorative tray. This way, the items will look like they have been placed there intentionally. This is a small and cheap trick that does wonders for your whole kitchen.



Decorate with fresh flowers


Fresh flowers will always bring your home to life. There is something special about the greenery and all those beautiful colors. If fresh flowers are too expensive, I have some helpful tricks to share with you. I usually like to buy them at the local grocery store. The ones at the florists might be pricey for your budget, so go for cheaper options. To prolong your fresh flowers’ life, you should add a little bit of vinegar and sugar to the water in the vase. The sugar will give them nutrients, while the vinegar will keep the bacteria away and prevent rotting.



Avoid disproportionate art


Decorating with art is the ultimate trick that will enhance your home decor. But if you don’t do it correctly, you risk of achieving the opposite effect. Make sure that you decorate with art in the right proportions. Try ti avoid hanging small pieces on large walls. For tall walls, stick with large rectangular pieces.


Proper area rugs


Area rugs are a great decor accessory to anchor a particular space. It will visually divide the space into different areas, which is an excellent option for open-plan homes. And let’s not forget that it will add a dose of texture to any space. Did you know that the wrong choice of an area rug can make your home look cheap? When shopping for the right rugs, you should have this rule on your mind. A proper area rug should cover the front legs of the furniture. If it doesn’t, it means that the rug is too small.


Play with textures


The biggest mistake when decorating your home is not using textures. If this sounds too unfamiliar, let me break it down for you. In interior design, textures will add some dimension. You are allowed to mix different textures for visual interest. You might see woven baskets of fluffy rugs in luxurious homes that you see in magazines. These items add texture and make the decor look more expensive. Think of adding some woven blankets, cozy area rugs, or storage baskets to elevate your decor game to a whole new level.



Cheap-looking decor


When decorating your home, you don’t want to spend too much. But, you should avoid the cheap-looking home decor at all costs. I don’t refer to low price, but rather decoring with accessories that don’t look tasteful. Keep in mind that you can always get some pretty decor for low prices if you do enough research.

So how can you recognize cheap looking decor? A simple trick is to avoid any pieces that come in bright colors. Replace them with neutral colors such as off white and beige, or other neutrals that fit your color scheme. Even if an item is cheap, it will look more tasteful when neutral. If you have tons of decor items that look cheap, you can cover them with some spray paint of your choice. I have seen this trick among bloggers, and it works. Matte black or matte white spray paint does wonders.


Don’t decorate with artificial flowers


Artificial flowers can look very cheap. So, try to avoid using them as part of your home decor. If you need to get artificial flowers, make sure that you invest in good looking ones. It is always better to get fresh flowers, so stick to my previous tip for this one. Or, you can load your home with potted plants. If you aren’t a greenery lover and think that your plants won’t survive, you can try succulents and cacti. These hard to kill plants are perfect for people with a busy lifestyle.


Get a soap dispenser


Plastic bottles that don’t look tasteful will clutter your bathroom, so get rid of them right away. Instead, use a beautiful and stylish soap dispenser. I like to get one for my shampoo as well. This way, I won’t have tons of plastic bottles in the bathroom. Also, I like to use this trick for the dishwashing detergent in the kitchen. Try to eliminate the original packages as much as you can and replace them with pretty ones.

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