My Dream Living Room

Several people at Brite Aisle contributed a list for items they would like to have in their dream living room. The rules were simple: you can choose anything from any point in time, even stuff that would be impossible to have. Money is no object.

This list includes attainable items and some that are the sole property of royalty. We hope you will feel engaged to share your dream living room with us once you have read ours.

**All photos have been linked to their respective sources**

Steve’s List

Entertainment Center

An oak LinoLakes Floating Entertainment Center above a custom electric Bohemian fireplace.

Front Wall

  • A solid gold-framed picture of my family as a centerpiece above the entertainment center, surrounded by framed pictures of us on various vacations around the world.

Side Walls

  • Classical paintings of women and nature. Shelves that are holding up potted plants.

An oak LinoLakes Floating Entertainment Center above a custom electric Bohemian fireplace.

Back Wall

  • Some well-placed flower vases and potted plants. At the center, a large aquarium filled with various species of fish. Most importantly, dragonfish.

Any other open spaces

  • Various gold and colored models of aircraft and spacecrafts. In particular, a to-scale model of the SR-71 Blackbird.

– Steven, Founder- Brite Aisle

Brit’s List

I’m a practical person from a utilitarian culture. Most things in my home have a function. However, the things that do not have a function have a story. Except for a cool small chest that has mirrors and nautical artwork engravings.

The point is that my personal preference for decoration is items that tell a story. Here are my picks for a dream living room.

Multi-media Fire Place

  • I love fire. I grew up commercial fishing in Alaska, a job in which a campfire served as a place of comfort to dry out, make coffee, and heat water for instant soups while we waited for the nets to fill.
  • I also love video games. A multi-media fireplace combines two things that I love into a single aesthetically pleasing living room fixture. Just don’t get weirded out when I make s’mores during a loading screen. 

Throne Chair of Denmark

  • We are here to dream. My house is my castle, and I want to sit on a throne while I conquer Skyrim.
  • Aside from my fantasies, this throne is gorgeous and would make me feel closer to my Danish heritage.

Bright White Wool Carpet

  • Lots of white in a room lightens my mood. Wool is soft and warm, and I’m not too fond of cold floors in the morning.

Gothic Chandelier

  • Metal head for life.








Historical Cultural Art Viking shields, Greek Pots, African Sword-Spears, you name it. Some sitting on shelves, some held up by hallow wall screws, I don’t care.

Everything Else

  • I would want Art Deco to flesh out any remaining needs like couches, side tables, lamps, rugs, etc. The color would be coordinated with my cultural art.

 Brit, Contributing Writer, Brite Isle

Nav’s List

When we told Nav we were making a list for our dream living rooms, she dreamt the hardest of us. She even provided her own pictures. Here is a list for her (massive) dream living room.



Floor Pillow




Sheep Skin Bean Bag


Cocoon Chair


Metal Planters


Stylish Table Lamps



Upholstered Swivel Armchairs

Wall Shelves


Throw Blankets

Throw Pillows

Hanging Lights

Tufted Ottoman and Table

Accent/ Vanity chairs

TV Units

Large Artificial Plants

Floor Lamps

Coffee Tables With Hidden Storage

Lift Top Tables

Bistro Tables

Epoxy Resin Tables

Trunk Shaped Tables

Contemporary Coffee Tables

Marble Top Tables

Wall Plant Decor

Wooden Wine Rack

Wall Hanging Liquor Dispenser

Wall Bookshelves

Resin Coasters

Metal Wall Art

Living Room Wallpapers

Magazine Stand


Sofa Beds

Artificial Grass Walls

Rattan Furniture

-Winnie, Executive Assistant, Brite Aisle

What About You?

Please feel free to post a few things that you would want in your living room. Don’t waste time worrying about money or even reality. Want the bridge from Star Trek? How about the Royal Crown of Britain? Let us know in the comment section.