My Heaven on Earth Dream House

Here! Here I am with my dream house! Yes, A dream house which I have always been keen to live in……which will be My Heaven on earth.

Well! I would die to have a modern Arabic style house. Are you surprised? But this is what I have always dreamt of! Yes, I am in love with the interior decoration styles from Turkey, Morocco, Lebanon and other neighboring countries on the Mediterranean Sea characterized by the geometric patterns. Not just this, but the Arabic style lets you play with the colors, however, I would personally go for eclectic style.

Okay now, I will not let you keep waiting any longer for what I actually have in mind when it comes to my Arabic style Bedroom. Yes, here is a detailed account of my imagination and creativity of my bedroom in my Arabic house. So here we go!

Ceiling and Lighting:

Firstly, I would like to start with the ceiling. Yes, I would have rich patterns on the ceiling as well as walls. Since, I am in love with Chandeliers, there will be a large sized chandelier in the middle of the room. In addition to this, there will be electric bulb fittings in the ceiling too. However, they will be stylish and chic so as to give out a warm feeling to the room.


Now comes the walls. Well! I would go with the golden or beige colored paint on the walls. Again, as lightening plays an important role, I will have light fittings in the walls too. Besides, I would like to have panels on the walls as it is one of the striking characteristics of the Arabic architecture, especially, in the form of arches.  


What else? Well, how can we forget to talk about the draperies? Here I will take it up. Yes, as the overall color combination will be of sea green and beige, a large carpet will be a high quality local made placed just in front of the bed, in addition to smaller pieces on the sides of the bed. I would go for smaller patterns of flowers as I would like to have a spacious feeling in my bedroom. Similarly, the curtains will be in plain sea green shade with a double rail which means that the lining will be white overlooking the terrace.


Now, let’s talk about the position and style of window in my bedroom. Yes, I would like to have sliding windows in the right-side wall when I will enter the room. Yes, I imagine to wake up to the bright sunlight coming through my large sliding window every morning. The full-size sliding window is undoubtedly a luxury to have when you want to enjoy each and every day of your life.


Next is one of the most essential elements of a bedroom. What is that? It is undoubtedly the Furniture. Well, when you talk about the Arabic style furniture, the pieces are usually heavy in looks and give out a royal feeling. Yes! You must be thinking that I imagine myself a princess, right? Well, you are not that wrong!

Anyhow, I would like to have a golden colored furniture. Let us talk about the bed first, which will be placed facing towards the entrance door of the bedroom. The design of the bed will be such that the head side will be arch shaped as in I am sitting on a throne instead of a bed. I might sound weird but that is what I dream of. So, bear with me! So, the bed will come with two matching side tables on either side which I will decorate with Table lamps of Golden color. The foot side of the bed will be simple, not much of a design on that end. I would go for a sea green bed sheet set to match the overall color theme of the bedroom.

On the foot side of the bed, there will be a settee sofa! Yes, this goes out to have an additional seating arrangement for the time when I do not feel like sitting on the bed. Or when I will be having my closed ones in my bedroom. Going with the color them, my settee will be in beige, facing the full-size latest technology of Smart Television which will be with the same wall as the entrance door. For the Television, I would be having the beige colored TV cabinet with multiple shelves for the accessories like a pair of speakers and decoration pieces. 

Okay, so what if I would be having my friends with me and we would like to have a nice conversation over a cup of coffee, where would we sit? Now, here we need a coffee table set for that matter, right? So, A pair of coffee chairs along with a table will be placed right in front of the window. Yes, the placement of furniture is crucial as it either makes or breaks the overall impression of the interior. So, the coffee set should be there, so that we may enjoy our time looking out of the window.

Dresser and Washroom:

The other side of the wall, which is on the left side of the entrance door, there will be a washroom and a dresser. Yes! As we go from the bedroom to the washroom, there will be a dressing table which I would like to be a Console type. Yes, a large console table with a hanging mirror makes it stylish and chic. Moreover, just besides the washroom door, there will be a full-size mirror, to look at the full length of myself.


As for the decoration purposes, I have a natural flair for sceneries. So, I would like to have large sceneries for the walls. In addition, I am a big fan of crystals which goes without saying that I will have decoration pieces for the coffee table and a crystal vase for fresh flowers, to be placed on the dressing console table.

With this, the description of my dream house comes to an end. Hope you enjoyed the visit.

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