My Vibrant and Funky Dream Home

When I think about my dream home, bright colours, art work, funky furniture and REAL plants come to the forefront of my mind. A house is much more than house because it is a home. I want a home where I can be productive and get work done but also relax and feel comfortable in my setting.

In other words, a multi-functioning home! My dream home is one that has to make me smile and feel content even when I am upset or at my highest stress levels. My home has to be a quirky bungalow cottage in the countryside with a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful views.


home decoration ideas
Photo Credit: Flickr

The interior of my kitchen would be beautiful warm oak wood and the walls would be painted a beautiful mint green colour. The floors would be the typical retro diner floor tiling, black and white checkerboard. The fridge would be a bright red colour and the kitchen table and seating would match to give off that unique and specific retro look. The dishwasher, the cabinets and shelving would be a teal colour to play off with the colour blocking vibe.

My fridge would be covered in vintage magnets bought from charity shops with some of my notices and pictures. The lighting would be warm and coming through an abstract light fixture that looks almost like staggered crossroads. Finally, my kitchen would feature the most epic vintage clock ever seen and all my kitchen equipment, plates, cups and utensils would be vintage and retro too.


Photo Credit: Flickr

My bedroom of my dream cottage home would be the ultimate destination for true relaxation. It would have lilac purple walls with oak wood flooring. The other furniture would match the flooring also for that cohesive look. I would have a vintage rug on the floor with an insanely beautiful paisley pattern, preferably in a teal or mint green colour. The walls would be covered in funky and quirky art prints from local Irish Graphic Designers and framed in black frames bought from charity shops.

The room would have tons of beautiful bright green plants with one of the walls being a greenery wall. Some of the other plants would include succulents, cacti, swiss cheese and Ficus’ among many more beautiful plants. The bed would be a vintage wooden double bed with a beautiful tie dye purple and mint green or teal duvet set. The room would also feature a beautifully planted fish tank with tons of greenery and black out teal curtains to tie it all in.

Sitting Room

Photo Credit: Flickr

My sitting room is the ultimate place for relaxation. Therefore, the walls need to be a calming colour, a beautiful pale duck egg blue. The floors will be a gorgeous oak wood and one of the sitting room walls would be a wood wall too. There will be lots of plants such as aloe vera, ferns, palms and much more (real of course). There will also be a beautiful and funky royal blue or green coach that is velvet and I will place vintage cushions on it with amazing abstract patterns. The coffee table will be yellow and be in the shape of a circle.

There will be two one seater coaches also in the same royal blue or green colour, velvet material also. There will be crystals scattered across the coffee table and some salt lamps as well as a oak wood book shelf featuring all my favourite books. There will be a fluffy rug under the coffee table for ultimate cosy vibes. The room will also contain an antique, vintage record player on a stand with tons of records underneath. There will be a TV with a black TV stand underneath. The sitting room will have venetian blinds.


An essential part of my home is a home office since I work full-time from my home. The office will be the painted the colours of a beautiful sunset, light pink and light orange. There will be a vintage, antique office desk made of stunning warm oak wood and an office chair with the back of it covered with a shaggy, furry blanket for ultimate comfort.

There will be a small furry rug in a lilac colour under the office chair too. The walls of the office will feature beautiful prints from independent Graphic Designers and will be framed in black frames bought from charity shops. There will be plants in the room also such as succulents and cacti. There will be a book shelf made from wood on the wall containing work related books and a filing system.


My bathroom would be a retro 70s bathroom with lots of pops of colour. The walls would be painted yellow with a checked black and white tile flooring. The floor would also have a shaggy duck egg rug for comfy vibes.

The bathroom would have a bath of course and there would be lots of candles surrounding the bath. There would be a beautiful oak wood shelf that holds all of my products. The bathroom would also have some funky art prints on the wall and an artsy geometric light fixture.

Back Garden

A beautiful back garden would also be appreciated where I could promote biodiversity and grow tons of plants, vegetables and fruits. The garden would be my safe haven where I would venture to read and write when I need a breath of fresh air.

The garden would be a big square of grass with a wooden bench in the middle with an umbrella on top since the weather is not always the best here (in Ireland). The garden would have wooden fencing around it too for some privacy. There would also be lots of bird houses and bee hotels to further promote biodiversity.

In Summary

To sum all of that up, my dream home has to feel like a home; it has to be comfy and allow me to let loose while also enabling me to be productive since I work from home. My home has to have a retro, vintage vibe with bright colours, art prints, real plants and lots of oak wood. Two necessary things for my home are an office and a back garden.