Navy Blue Color Guide: 8 Navy Blue Home Decor Ideas for Your Home

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Getting tired of your home’s old color scheme and looking to spice things up? Then, consider using navy blue. Whether you use navy as an accent color or the primary focal point, it’s a hue that will surely make any room you apply look polished and brings in an ambiance of both comfort and elegance.

Balance is an integral element when it comes to home design. And while navy blue is a popular color in home styling trends, remember that it’s also a dark and cool-toned hue; an overuse could result in a dreary-looking room or area.

In this note, here are 8 inspiring ideas to incorporate navy blue into your home perfectly!

First in the List: Know What Colors to Match It With


Navy blue is black’s more congenial sibling — it pairs well with almost any other color without being too edgy.

If you want to make this hue’s vitality pop out, then use vibrant hues — greens, reds, yellows. Aiming for traditional elegance? Then go with the navy blue-white combo. Using the hue in a monochromatic scheme (together with other shades of blue) is coastal reminiscence while mixing it with greens brings about that quaint underwater look. However, if you want something low-key, you can go with the navy blue-neutrals combination and just add pops of colors – like a lampshade in pastel colors or a few vibrant navy-gold tealight holders – to liven the look up.



A navy blue accent wall can do wonders for your bedroom. If your sleeping quarters’ a bit scrimped on space, dark hues like navy can trick the eye and make it look roomier than it truly is. Experts also agree that dark, cool colors make an area more sleep-conducive.

However, don’t paint your furniture navy blue to keep up with the look. Keep their natural wood-look and incorporate the color theme with your decor, instead, like installing navy blackout curtains or having your sheets, pillows, and comforter in the same shade. On one hand, if you want your bedroom walls to be all navy, it’s best to use another color for your home decor and keep your other blue trimmings to a minimum.

Children’s Bedroom


Having navy blue walls can be imposing and dark for a child. So, in its stead, try using wallpapers with prints that include navy blue. Not sure about putting wallpapers all over your child’s bedroom? Then here are a few alternatives:

– Use wallpaper as a decorative panel

– Do a wallpaper accent wall

Keep the room decor within the color scheme as well like using a navy-colored rope basket as toys or dirty clothes keeper.

Living Room


When designing your living room with our main hue, keep this in mind: navy blue walls might look good in the bedroom, but they can be too intense for the living room setting. Our advice? An accent wall would be nice or you can use the hue as the color scheme for your furniture and living room decor.

navy-hued throw blanket will look heavenly on a white, pastel, or neutral-colored sofa. Try playing with textures, too. Faux-fur navy throw pillows on your sleek living room chairs can both look chic and comfy. As for living room adornments, vibrant flowers in navy vases are fabulous contraries or you can use the gold-and-navy tealight holders mentioned earlier as shelf or coffee table doodads.

Dining Room


Like the living room, painting your dining room’s walls navy blue might end up making it look too sombre. Use furniture pieces that go well with any color (natural wood, for example) and limit the color scheme to the decor you use. These could be the cushions on your dining room chairs, vases, curtains, and wall art.



Are you familiar with the “tuxedo kitchen” design? It’s a color-blocking design trend which uses two colors — one for the floor cabinets and the other for the upper ones. Usually, the color scheme adopted for this design is black and white but don’t let this stop you from using navy blue in place of its darker counterpart. This blue-white color-block design goes well with marble and marble-like countertops.



Navy is the color of power and tends to be connected with strength, tradition and solidity. If you have or is planning to set up a home office at home, the navy-white combo can exude the seriousness you usually want to associate with work. White looks crisp on a navy background. So, navy walls with white trimmings – book shelves, for example – will look fantastic. You can use navy-colored decor as well like this navy-and-silver lamp.



If you’re not keen on demolishing your bathroom to replace your old tiles with navy blue ones, you can keep its original color and navy trimmings instead. As what was mentioned earlier, the hue goes well with almost any other color, so color-matching won’t be a problem. Use bathroom rugs in navy blue or put an extra navy-hued storage drawer for your growing collection of bath gels and trinkets.

What’s stopping you from applying these ideas? Go on, apply these navy blue decor and design ideas in your home to achieve that timeless, modern, chic yet cozy look you’ve been dreaming of.