Some Facts About Interior Decoration

Interior Design and Interior Decoration Are Not The Same Thing

Interior Design is the realm of architects. Interior decoration is the realm of interior decorators.

It’s Relatively New To the Common Individual

The middle class and below did not have much access to interior decoration until the 19th century. Even then the term “Interior Decorator” wasn’t used until the 1920’s.

It Is Backed By Science

Decorating your room with objects that you find aesthetically pleasing activates the reward circuitry in your brain. You probably already knew that you liked looking at things you found attractive. However, you probably didn’t know that a custom decorated room is a healthy alternative to cocaine.

Productivity and Plants

Psychological studies have shown that just by setting a plant in a room it can lighten your mood and make you more productive at home or work. Desk plants are not just a cliché’ they’re psychology.

Three Laws

The original three laws of interior decoration were: Harmony, Simplicity and Spaces. This was published in The Art of Interior Decoration by Grace Wood in 1917.

Antique Furniture From The Start

Many modern homes are decorated with antique furniture. This has been an interior decoration mainstay from the beginning.

Interior Decoration and Nature

Traditional western interior decoration borrowed color scheming from nature. Light colored ceilings, less light walls and dark floors. This mirrors the sky above, the trees to your side and the ground beneath your feet.

Victorian Homes Were Live in Art

Not only was the Victorian Era the time period that interior decoration became accessible to common citizens, it is arguably the golden age of interior decoration. Interior decorators strived to make every inch of a house a live in art piece. This included scrutinizing the line and balance of every object, terms generally reserved for paintings.

Most Beautiful Castle Interiors

There are too many absolutely gorgeous Royal buildings to choose a number 1. However, The Catharine Palace, Palace of Versailles, and Frederiksborg Castle are a few.

For The Pirate Enthusiast

An original Nuremburg 16th century chest (also called a coffer or armada box) costs upwards of $12,000 to $16,000 USD.

The Era of Mirrors

If you look in most Victorian photo’s, you will see a gorgeous and intricate mirror in a substantial number of them. These mirrors are now coveted items for collectors and can go for as little as just over $100, and pretty much up to priceless.

Our Current Era Has A Name

We are currently in the “Art Bespoke” era of interior decoration. Our generation is defined by a focus on individual taste and customized furniture.

Shining Armor on the Cheap

Are you a fan of the knights of old? That being said, do you have roughly $4000.00 for an antique authentic 15th century knight’s helm? If you don’t, do not stress. You can get gorgeous reproductions for as little a $100.00.

No Room Left Behind

Many medieval lords would take their favorite furniture and decorations with them everywhere they traveled. So it isn’t that weird if you haul your favorite love seat and big screen TV to your parents house during the holidays.


Medieval interior fell down to interior design due to the fact that they were higly decorative stained glass windows and wall art. That being said, there were still tapestries and the like.

Photo: shelves with wine bottle: Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

Photo: victorian lady: Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels