The Expert Guide to Designing for Small Apartments

Are you a city dweller residing in a cramped-up space? Or your belongings exceed the amount of storage you got? Yes, we understand how congested spaces can break away the beauty of your homes while paving a way for utter negativity. Designing and decorating smaller spaces could get challenging and unimaginably daunting. But – if you look on the brighter side, it could be equally creative and enthralling.

It is possible to have a stylish space in a small apartment and those cute instagrammable posts that you often see on your feed – can really come out as a dream come true. Don’t believe it? We have enlisted a few tips and tricks for you to have a look at and incorporate in your homes to jazz them up!


Neutrals are the King


Whites and off-whites have a magic to them like none other. They can transform your homes into an absolute clean and crisp space that tends to look much bigger than they are. The foremost idea is to paint your walls in lighter hues, specify lighter shaded flooring, and use brighter furniture and upholstery. To add a little drama, consider adding a tinge of cooler hue to further enhance your home.


A Pro Tip: Avoid warmer colors as much as possible as they will tend to make your apartment look even smaller!


Play with Curtains



With a buffer space of not more than 18 to 24 inches, curtains should always be placed much higher than the window lintels. Using sheer, bright, and light-colored curtains right up to the floor will make your space feel seamlessly aligned, taller and even spacious.

A Pro Tip: Add volume to these curtains for a much-needed depth and drama to the space!


Utilize the Walls


We understand it sounds confusing, but the main idea is to take up your storage spaces, floating shelves, and cabinetries up to the bottom of the ceiling. Going vertical will leave an illusion of a taller space (it is also a good idea if you have lower ceilings) while making the most use of the vertical space. Got a media unit up to 5 feet? Well, it’s time to place some belongings on the top!

A Pro Tip: It is even a better idea to use floating shelves. They allow ample air circulation and gives you enough room to breathe!


Customize Your Rug


Don’t ever compromise with the size of your rugs as they can make or break the beauty of your homes. A tiny rug will suffocate your space and make it look extremely small and petite whereas a larger rug that holds your main furniture will optimize your space to look larger than it already is.

A Pro Tip: Remember to choose a contrasting hue for the rugs. Bright, jazzy, and heavy patterned rugs might be way too overwhelming for your space.


Try Mirrors


It is astonishing to know that mirrors play a major role in brightening up your home spaces. According to feng shui, the optimum use of mirrors will propagate and enhance the flow of positivity in your homes. They are great at creating illusions of bright and natural light which in return makes your room feel airy and open.

You could specify larger mirrors on your blank accent walls with a couple of smaller decorated mirrors to go. Every inch of space will seem to double its size when you creatively use these mirrors.

A Pro Tip: Try placing the mirror pieces opposite to your artificial or natural garden as it will tend to further enhance your space and invite a feeling of freshness.


Fold them Up


Countertops and shelves might end up taking a lot of your horizontal spaces. But can we really afford that in a 500 square-feet apartment? No. And that’s why we recommend using these shelves and folding them up to the wall when these elements are not in use.

A great space-saving trick, right?


Strategic Lighting


Lighting is an important element when designing for smaller spaces. There is no doubt that appropriate lighting can enhance our moods and brighten up our spaces – whether it’s natural or artificial!

For smaller apartments and lofts with almost no natural lighting, we understand the pain of not being able to receive ample lighting. But that doesn’t give you a reason to live in those dark, dingy spaces. With the right amount of creativity bestowed, there is a magic of saving space with ample lighting – wall scones and wall-mounted lighting. Try avoiding floor lamps and move towards the ceiling and wall-mounted brighter lamps that leave an everlasting impact in your space.


Bring Outdoors In


Potted plants and indoor green elements have been proved to brighten up the home interiors. Whether it’s a tall fig tree placed in the corner of your living room or a flower bouquet decorated around the fireplace – biophilia has magic to it!

By introducing nature inside, you are also inviting a wholesome vibe and a feeling of utter positivity to go.


Get Creative with Furniture


Most of our interior spaces are occupied by furniture! Targeting the creative use of these elements to save some space is primary. For example, using nested tables and desks might leave ample room for storage and utilization. Meanwhile, opting for a sofa bed instead of traditional beds is a smarter move to make that will take you a long way!

Similarly, folding chairs and tables are a great way to save space.

A Pro Tip: When buying furniture, remember to buy the ones with legs as they will tend to make your space feel bigger!

Now that you see, designing a small space is really not that difficult. Just the right amount of creativity blended with understanding the scale and proportion of the space can magically turn your small apartment into a spacious one. Are you excited to experiment with these? Let us know in the comments below!

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