The Most Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Floating Shelves for Your Home

Ever scrolled through your social media feed and noticed perfect decor photos?

Noticed how clutter-free, modern, and minimalist they look?

Ever wondered how floating shelves are almost always present in those photos?

Now, imagine your home with a similar décor having floating shelves.

Imagine floating shelves for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and for every other room or an empty wall.

Yes! You read that right, because truly, you can never have enough of floating shelves.

Got a blank wall or a lonely corner? Add a floating shelf.

Too much clutter in the kitchen or workstation? Add a floating shelf.

Want to give a certain vibe to the bedroom, bathroom or living room? Add a floating shelf or two.

The list just goes on!

But first, you should decide on the style and shape of the floating shelf. Otherwise, you’ll get caught in a web of ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘why’. Two main factors playing out here are ‘what you need’, and ‘how to decide’. Read on to find the style, type of floating shelves you need, where you should install them, and what you should place on them.


Classic Floating Shelves


Plain and graceful, these are neither too long nor too short; the shape is just perfect for any occasion. These are usually made of pine or plywood, and polished or laminated to give a shining look. This type of shelf is inexpensive and does not carry heavy objects. You should go for these if your décor idea includes lightweight objects.


Where to use?


This style will also never go out of fashion. You can use these in every room, on any wall, or in any corner.

Living room:

Remember those dishes and glasses that you bought because they were so delicate and beautiful, but sadly never used them? Take them out, place them on a floating shelf, and you have a visual buffet right there. It will be an eye treat for your guests, with the ability to grab their interest with this unique look.


Lover of vintage decor? Showcase your antiques on the living room floating shelf. Place them at decent distances from each other to add historic period drama.



Install floating shelves below your TV or on the walls beside your TV. Keep CDs, DVDs, books, and magazines on the shelves to give a classic vibe. Check the maximum weight permit, and if your floating shelf allows, you can place your TV on the shelf.

You can also add a little of all your favorite items, whether it is dishes, antiques, CDs, books, magazines, artwork, photo frames, or a small pot plant or two. The area around the TV is probably the best spot, since the TV is the highlight of your living room.


Style these floating shelves as a bedside table. This way, you can place your lamp, mobile, and other objects in a clutter-free way, consequently removing a furniture piece.

You may also use this style of floating shelves for wall decorations or maybe add one at a safe distance above your headboard. If a blank bedroom wall is staring back at you, install one or more of these shelves and decorate them as you please.


Style the classic floating shelves above your sink and beside the bathroom mirror. Install them at a safe distance. Place your skincare essentials or towels on them.

Install them in the shower and place your essentials. This allows you easy access and also gives a very modern look to your shower.

Kids’ Rooms:

It’s time to take out the toys and teddy bears. Arrange them one by one and create a shelf of memories.



Your kid has a box full of those tiny racing cars that they need to show off. Arrange them and create your own racing track on that the floating shelf.

Workroom/ Office:

Floating shelves add an organized feeling and a different level of calm to the workroom, helping you to focus more on your job. Add these floating shelves above your desk and arrange all your necessary materials on it. You may even place a potted plant on it.




Use these floating shelves in your closet for a very modern and minimalist look. Install them at equal distances and place your folded clothes and shoes.

Wall under the staircase

Elongated Floating Shelves

Longer, thicker, and sturdier than the classic floating shelves, these are made of wood or metal and are capable of holding heavier objects. However, you should always check the weight limit of any floating shelf you decide to purchase.

Where to use?

Though these can be used in any part of the house, they are mainly used in the:



You can place heavy objects like pots, pans, porcelain jars, spice jars, etc. The build and material of these floating shelves ensure the safety and durability of your kitchen materials.

Metal Type



Wood Type




Once again, due to its shape, strength, and reliability, these shelves are used in the library to carry heavy books in a neat and clutter-free manner. You can use both metal and wood. See below for an idea:

Metal Type



Wood Type



Work Room: 

You can place your jars, bottles, or any other work item and arrange them as you please, especially if you are working on solutions and formulas.



Living room: 


You can use the floating shelves, namely the classic style and the elongated style to design a beautiful layout. Make a statement by installing them in a circular design and light up your living room. Start with the classic type and progress towards the elongated type. Once you reach the middle of the circle, reverse the process to end at the classic floating shelf.



Storage Type Floating Shelves

Highly useful, you can opt for storage type floating shelves to store voluminous materials like clothes, towels, books, etc. They may or may not be covered from the front. This style is used to give a very modern look to the room. Floating storage sounds cool, but looks even cooler.

Where to use?

You can use them in many rooms in your house:

Living room: 

Take my advice and install a storage style floating shelf below your TV. You will not regret it. Place your TV on top of it and store the cables, CDs, DVDs, books, and other objects on it. This will probably be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.



Bathroom: Adding a storage style floating shelf to your bathroom completely transforms its look. Once you see it, you’ll want to do the same for your bathroom. Two words describe the transformed look: Clean and Modern.

Triangular Floating Shelves

This floating shelf can be used as a storage and a showpiece. Its geometrical style gives off a trendy and chic vibe. You can place lightweight objects there, such as potted plants, photo frames, books, and more.

Where to use?

You can place them in the living room, bedroom, hallway, and entryway.


Minimalist Square Shelves

Another beautiful geometric style floating shelf is a minimalist square shelf that is simple and elegant. If you prefer adding a splash of color to your living room or bedroom, then this frame style floating shelf is for you. The spaces both within and above the frame can be used for storing and displaying your pieces.

Where to use?

You can use them mostly in the living room and bedroom. Also, the wall beside and under the staircase are great places to decorate. Add one or two objects within or above the square shelve to maintain a minimalistic style.



Victorian Style Floating Shapes

These types of floating shelves give off a historical era vibe. They are made of solid wood and that is why they are very sturdy. The distinguishing feature in the Victorian floating shelves is the design at the bottom edges, and as you go downwards, the shelf becomes narrower.

Where to use?

You can place these shelves in the living room, bedroom, entryway, and even on the outside wall of your house.


U-Shaped Floating Shelves

With the bold framing providing good support to the sides, objects placed inside it can be slanted to rest on the side frames. It can be styled as a mini bookshelf. Apart from books, its sturdy shape allows you to place items inside without the fear of them falling out.

Where to use?

You can use the U-shaped floating shelf in your library, workroom, bedroom, and living room.



Metal-Rimmed Floating Shelf

This type of floating shelf provides an exciting look to your home’s wall. With their unique styles and shapes, these wall shelves are strong, and can instantly catch your attention from across the room with their rustic look.


Where to use?

Depending upon their size and shapes, the metal-rimmed floating shelves can be used mostly in the living room and entryway.



Glass Floating Shelf

Glass floating shelves are very delicate. They are usually supported by metal rims or metal brackets from below or the sides. It is advisable to always check the weight limit of the shelf as a precautionary measure.

Where to use?

You can use glass floating shelves in the living room mainly.

Photo Frame Holding Floating Shelves

These floating shelves are simple, resourceful, and artsy. They are shaped to support photo frames and prevent them from sliding off. The space on them is narrow, which makes them ideal for frames. Frames require less landing space, back support, and front stoppage. These floating shelves provide all of these features. So if you are a photographer or frame collector, you can make your own gallery with these floating frames. You can get both short and long floating shelves.

Where to use?

Use them to decorate your living room, bedroom, entryway, on the wall beside the staircase, and on the wall below the staircase.



Corner Floating Shelves

Corner floating shelves will always have your back. They sit quietly in the corner while attracting attention. This type of floating shelf will fit into every room as if it has always belonged there. Corner shelves provide you style, space, and storage. If you have completed your room styling, but you feel that there is still something you’d like to add, like maybe a pop of color, or an art display, or maybe some potted plants, then corner shelves are here to the rescue. Not too defined, nor too minimalistic, corner shelves add just the right amount of style to your room’s décor – if you do the styling right.

Where to use?

You can use them in the living room, bedroom, workroom, library, bathroom, kitchen, and even in unused house corners!



Solid Farmhouse Style Floating Shelves

Are you a lover of all things rustic? Then this is the perfect type of floating shelf for you. Solid, strong, and edgy, the farmhouse style shelf consists of a thick wood as the shelf. The wood is unpolished and not laminated, giving it its rustic look. This look creates a very raw, vintage, and cool atmosphere wherever it is installed. Being solid wood, it is strong and durable.

Where to use?

You can use this in any room you like, whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or washroom.



3-D Pyramid Triangle Floating Shelves

One of the most modern and visually beautiful shelves, the 3-D pyramid floating shelf is usually made from Acacia wood. Because of their shape, these shelves only hold up to one item at a time. The attention-holding build of these shapes has made them a popular item these days.

If paired correctly, they manage to bring out the contrast in colors and the edges.

Where to use?

You can use them in the living room and hallways.

Floating Desk

Practical and spacious, a floating shelf can be installed in the wall to be operated as a desk. Without extra furniture moving around or getting in the way, these desks are one of the best ways you can work in a hassle-free and quiet manner. Electric plug points in the wall can also be easily accessed.

Where to use?

You can install these desks in your office, bedroom, living room, or any place in the house where you work.



Floating Desk

Practical and spacious, a floating shelf can be installed in the wall to be operated as a desk. Without extra furniture moving or getting in the way, these desks are one of the best ways you can work in a hassle-free and quiet manner. Electric plug points in the wall can also be easily accessed. Depending on your needs, you can attach them to a wall or a corner. The ends may be rounded or squared.

Where to use?

You can install these desks in your office, bedroom, living room, or any place in the house where you work.



Which one from these styles and shapes is your favorite? Did you install any of these? I would love to hear your views.


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