The Ultimate Guide On Choosing Suitable Decor Accessories For Your Living Room

Can’t decide on which decor accessories to purchase for the living room? We’ve prepared the ultimate guide to help you. Once you go through our tips and suggestions, you will have the needed knowledge to make the right choice. Decorating a living room with accessories isn’t that easy. If you are a beginner in home decor, you might find it challenging to create a stylish and curated space. Be very careful, as you can easily cross the line and turn your living room into a cluttered and messy space. You don’t want to miss our helpful tips!



Stacks of books


Professional home decorators advise that stacks of books are a must. No matter what the interior style is, you can always find books that match your needs. However, be careful with your choice. You don’t want to use books that are too old and worn out since they won’t give you the expected results.

If you are a passionate DIY-er, you can always make it work. Wrap the old covers of the books with wrapping paper in the color that will fit your style. This way, you will get cheap decor that can fit anywhere in your living room.

There are a few decor formulas when we talk about books. You can lay a stack of three books and place a round object on top. Use this arrangement to decorate the coffee table or floating shelf. Or, you can stack them vertically and horizontally in the bookcase for a dose of visual interest.

Decorative ladder


If you love to add cozy throw blankets on your sofa, then you need storage for them. Feel free to get creative and use an option that doubles as decor. Wooden ladders look charming and unique, so don’t mind adding one in that lonely corner of your living room. Fold your blankets and hang them on the ladder. This will give the room a cozy and warm look.

Round mirror


Mirrors are often used in home decor. They aren’t there only for you to check your outfit before you leave your home. Keep in mind that mirrors make the space visually larger. Round mirrors with beautiful frames are a decorator’s favorite when it comes to styling living rooms. Add a fancy mirror with a stylish frame that will complement the rest of the decor. Whether your style is elegant, retro, or minimalist, you can always find the option that works.




If you prefer adding charming and unique decor accessories to your living room, go for globes. They bring that wow effect, as they are significant and outstanding. You can choose whether a simple or an antique globe will work better for your living room. Consider the existing color scheme while making a selection for the right one.



Tall candle holders


Most of the stylish living rooms that you will see on the Internet have tall candle holders. This isn’t a pure coincidence. Professional decorators often use them as part of the living room decor, with their height adding a dose of dimension. It can also add balance and symmetry to vignettes, making the decor look symmetrical. A good example will be console tables and mantels that have a candle holder on both ends.

Gold Candle Holder


Large glass vase


When decorating your living room, opt for fewer but larger items. I learned this the hard way. When decorating a small side table, my friend bought lots of small decor accessories. When she finally placed them, it looked very cluttered and crowded. I got her a large glass vase for her birthday. This was the perfect fit for the side table, while definitely costing less than having to buy a bunch of stuff. Remember that one large item always works better than a few small ones.

Don’t forget that you can add a dose of texture. You can choose a textured glass vase to spice up the decor.

Decorative tray


You may generally think that trays belong in the kitchen. However, there are so many beautiful trays that can become a part of your decor game. Its main purpose is to group a few decor accessories together to create a well-curated vignette. For rustic styles, you can get a lovely wooden tray. For modern and elegant styles, get a pretty tray with a mirror. You can add a stack of books, candles, a vase, or decorative spheres. Try to use a group of three or five decorative objects. Odd numbers will make the vignette appear visually pleasing.

Now that you know the secret tricks for decorating your living room, you can pick the right pieces to improve your home’s overall look. Do you find this post helpful? Which decor accessory is your personal favorite? Feel free to share this with us in the comments!

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