Top Spots For Floating Shelves In Your Home

Floating shelves are decorator’s favorite. They can fit in any home style and bring a dose of visual interest. If you have a blank and awkward wall somewhere in your home, it likely needs a floating shelf or two. Some people like shelves for aesthetics, while others love the fact that floating shelves allow you to use every inch of the vertical space wisely. This trick is often used in small homes when you need to squeeze in some extra storage space.

Whether you want to add extra storage or style to your home, floating shelves are an excellent option. However, keep in mind that their placement in the house is crucial. You don’t want to end up with a cluttered and busy look. We’ve prepared a useful guide for placing floating shelves in your home. Once you go through it, you’ll find the perfect spot for those shelves. So, let’s get started!



Everyone would admit that they need some extra storage space in the kitchen. If you want to have your most frequently used dishes within arms reach, add some floating shelves. This trick will make a huge difference. You won’t have to reach for the cabinets to get your favorite pot.

Another great advantage is the style. We love kitchens with open storage options. This example introduces a dose of texture. The white subway tile with black grout looks excellent with floating wooden shelves.


Floating Kitchen Shelves


Over the sofa


If the wall above the sofa is empty, you aren’t doing it right. Add floating shelves for a dose of style and playfulness. Don’t forget to style them with your favorite decor accessories. You can add stacks of books and a lovely planter. However, make sure that the shelves are high enough so that you don’t hit your head.


Create a gallery wall


A gallery wall will add uniqueness and personality to your home. This is an excellent way to decorate that empty wall in the entryway or living room. Keep in mind that you can get creative and combine wall art with other decor ideas. You can add a beautifully curated floating shelf to bring up the decor game to a higher level. Think about adding some outstanding decorative objects that match your preferred style.



Above the bed


Don’t forget that you can put floating shelves in your bedroom too. This is the perfect spot for artwork leaning on the wall, or your favorite family photo. If you want to bring it to a higher level, there is one little trick that we would gladly share with you. After you curate the shelves with your favorite accessories, lay LED string lights to add a romantic and cozy atmosphere to your bedroom. This simple and cheap trick always works for bedrooms.



Above the TV


Many professional decorators would advise you to make a statement on the wall where the TV is. You can simply add a floating shelf to boost the living room decor. If you love greenery, add leafy plants for a jungle-like feel. If you have a hobby or like to collect things, this is your display option. Continue to build up around the shelf with some lovely artwork that matches your style.



Above the desk


If you have a home office, then you’ll want to make it more comfortable. Also, you may need some extra storage space for your supplies. The best solution is to add a few floating shelves above the desk. All of your necessities will be within arms’ reach, making your working process quicker and more straightforward.





If you have a small bathroom, then it is very likely that you struggle with storage space. Even if you don’t, you would certainly want to add a dose of style. To be honest, the bathroom is the most neglected space when it comes to home decorating. Add scented candles and neatly rolled towels to bring the luxurious spa feeling in the bathroom. You can add a pretty woven basket for storing the extra toilet paper.



A reading nook


Don’t let that awkward corner sit there empty. If you love to enjoy a good book, then turn it into your cozy reading nook. Add floating shelves to anchor the space. Also, you can create your mini library here. Add some decorative accessories to bring your preferred style and a dose of personality. Consider bringing a stylish and comfy chair that will allow you to relax and enjoy it. We like to add some cozy throw pillows and folded blankets.



After you have checked our inspirational ideas and practical tips, it is time to start decorating. Floating shelves are cheap, so you don’t have to waste a lot of money on your DIY project. What do you think? Where would you place floating shelves in your home? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below!

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