Brite Aisle empowers environments as original as you, transforming spaces that bring your story to life using sustainable, maintenance-free artificial plants. We’re helping a generation go green in and out of the home,
aligning the world you want to live in with a contemporary touch of nature, reminding you to keep calm and enjoy the view.


Our Why | Why We Do What We Do

We Believe, A Change In Your Environment Can Change Your Life

Modern science has proven the critical connection between the human psyche and our surroundings. Small changes make a big difference.


Our What | What Sets Us Apart

We’re Potting Potential, Inspiring People & Their Spaces

Our outer world reflects our inner one. That’s why Brite Aisle consciously crafts artificial plants, surrounding you with a natural therapeutic aesthetic and none of the bull.

With the state of global and domestic affairs, it’s easy to feel powerless to effect meaningful change in your life. Whether you aspire to career success or protect the planet, our environment affects our psyche, inspiring us towards our greatest selves or hindering us.

At Brite Aisle, we’re utilizing a sustainable, natural aesthetic to help you not only tell your story -but live it out loud. If life is a canvas, imagine what you can do when you curate it with visual values.


Our How | How We Interact

We’re Inspiring Aspiration

Each person is the architect of their world, but even architects need tools of the trade and a motivational boost from time to time. With an eco-intelligent, natural aesthetic and a vibrant digital community, we’re inspiring people to go green and go for it, reaching for the life they want.

Art is in artificial because that's what we’re designing at Brite Aisle. Our artistic faux plants maintain the qualities of mother nature that remind you to breathe easier, relax, and focus without the maintenance. Set the tone of the life you want by setting the mood in your surroundings. Art-ificial never looked so good.