“Brite Aisle artificial plants make excellent decorations for your home or office without any of the trouble of dealing with real plants.”  – Lila

“Hey friends! Larry here, just wanna talk you about Brite Aisle artificial plants…They obviously brighten up my room…” – Larry

“So, I wish I had time to take care of plants. I’m terrible at it. So, for someone like me, these faux plants are amazing! ” – Jessica

“Hello! I recently received my Brite Aisle artificial potted plants as you can see and I’m very excited about them so I’m going to take a sec to talk about them what I like about them…” – Elizabeth

“..I don’t have to water them they’ll always be green and uh you know it’s winter in New Jersey so there’s no growing anything indoors anyway. I’m in this room like eight hours a day for work and I just thought I’d you know do something nice. So, I got a candle burning and uh it’s like a zen garden in here. So, I like it it’s good stuff.” – Chris

“I bought three potted plants online they’re in my living room they look great my friends say they look real I don’t have to water them I think I’ll buy more for my friends and maybe for my family. I love them.” – Emma

“… this one here is going to be the Orange Jasmine which I really like how that look especially with the color of my countertop. This pot on it is really cute, pretty dense … ” – Alexis